Annie's Book Stop hosting book signing on Saturday 2-4 p.m. (349)

LACONIA — Annie's Book Stop located at 1330 Union Avenue will host Gene Harlan Powell, author of "Fisher of Men: the Motorcycle Ministry of Herb Shreve'' for a book signing event on Saturday, June 15 from 2-4 p.m.
After retiring from his salesman job, Gene Harlan Powell bought a motorcycle and joined a group of Christian bikers. At a rally in Arkansas, he met Herb Shreve, the founder of CMA. Learning from old timers in the ministry, he discovered how CMA had grown into a global ministry. Gene was able to ride with Herb Shreve the last ten years of his life, gathering notes and information that became Herb's life story.
Powell says that Herb Shreve's mother always said he would be a preacher. He fought his destiny until he heard the voice of God say, "Herb, preach!" Many sermons later, a late night return from a revival ended in an altercation with his teenage son. Realizing the emotional distance between them, Shreve purchased two motorcycles to rekindle their bond. Traveling to rallies, he saw hurt and pain masquerading behind black leather and roaring engines. Here were thousands who would never enter church doors.
Discover for yourself how $17 and submission to God's will built the Christian Motorcycle Association (C.M.A.) –a global ministry serving all 50 states and 32 countries worldwide.