Andover Conservation Commission launches summer-long program on 'Taking Action for Wildlife' (266)

ANDOVER — The Andover Conservation Commission (ACC), in collaboration with several other state and local organizations, will launch a summer-long "Taking Action for Wildlife" program with two public events in June, and continuing with additional activities in July, August and September.
The purpose of the program, according to Mary Anne Broshek, ACC chair, is to help local residents and landowners to better recognize, protect and enhance critical habitats supporting local wildlife, particularly rare and endangered species.
The kickoff program on Wednesday, June 19, beginning at 7 p.m., will feature a presentation by Kittie Wilson, a volunteer for The Loon Preservation Committee, on "Little Loon Grows Up!," featuring her photographs of loon families on Pleasant Lake in New London. Open to the public at no charge, the presentation will take place in the East Andover Grange Hall at the corner of Franklin Highway (Route 11) and Chase Hill Road. Co-sponsor of the event is the Highland Lake Protective Association.
Later in June, a community-wide photo-sharing exhibit will be mounted in the Village Library, consisting of images of local wildlife taken by local residents.
Next month, the first in a series of guided walks in areas of Andover that are most supportive of wildlife will take place on Thursday, July 11, with a morning program in the Bradley Lake area led by Dave Anderson, education director and naturalist at the New Hampshire Forest Society.
Also, on Wednesday afternoon, July 31, an East Andover exploration of dragonflies and their habitat will be led by the husband-and-wife team of Carrie and Andy Deegan representing the New Hampshire Forest Society (Carrie) and the Ausbon Sargent Preservation Trust (Andy).