Kids' Day at Beans and Greens Farm on Sunday, June 9 (480 w/2 xol Childrens' Day)

GILFORD — Sunday, June 9 is Kids' Day at Beans and Greens Farm in Gilford. This full day of fun is free to attend and will include tractor rides, activities and guided farm tours.
Joining the festivities will be additional livestock guests along with the usual farm animals for children to pet. Parents are advised to bring a camera to capture those special moments.
"The kids love seeing the animals in person" says Andy Howe, co-owner of the farm. Staff will be available to answer questions about the various animals, adding an educational component as well, offered in part by Squam Lakes Science Center.
There will be no shortage of food for the hungry tikes, as the deli is now open for the season offering salads, wraps, sandwiches and paninis, all made from their own farm grown and raised ingredients.
"Our meats are all grass fed and contain no hormones" reports Andy. In addition to being sold as deli meats they are also available uncooked to take home for summer barbeques.
With the help of Emily, their new baker, Beans and Greens Farm is also able to offer a creative selection of breads and cookies as well as pastries and pies. All are made on site in their bakery. Some are gluten free.
This will be one of the last opportunities to sign children up for this year's Junior Farmers' Camp.
This six day camp is spread out over the summer to allow kids to experience first-hand, three different growing seasons. Dates for the camp are June 25 and 27, July 16 and 18 and August 13 and 15. All sessions run from 9 a.m. to noon and include a healthy snack. Children will work alongside farm-hands and assist with garden tasks in the fields as well as caring for the farm animals residing at the Howe's farm, just a quick five minute tractor ride up the hill.
This one-of-a-kind, hands-on farm camp is for children 5-12 years old. "If enough register, we will divide them into two groups to allow us to offer more age-specific activities", says Martina Howe, the second of the co-owners. She adds, "Children will work right along with our farm-hands and are guaranteed to get dirty, so this isn't the place to send them in their best clothes".
An email will be sent to parents in advance of each camp week to give them a better idea of what their children can expect. "This isn't a story-telling, sing-a-long, arts and crafts sort of thing" advises Martina. "Those activities will only be used in the event of inclement weather".
To learn more about pricing and specific camp activities being scheduled, visit the website at and click on the Details link to download the informational document, or call the farm at (603) 293-2853.

Sunday, June 9 will be Kids Day at Beans and Greens Farm. (Courtesy photo)