Legion donates $1M for tornado relief - 147

WASHINGTON – The American Legion announced that it is allocating $1 million to veterans affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. The money will be used to cover relocation expenses for veterans and their families whose homes were devastated by the disaster.
The American Legion, the nation's largest veterans organization, has previously assisted emergency efforts following Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.
The American Legion has set up a hotline for veterans needing emergency assistance. They can call 1-800-504-4098. If they have legal custody of minor children, they can seek help though the Legion's Temporary Financial Assistance Program. Veterans without children can seek assistance through The American Legion National Emergency Fund. Individuals wishing to donate to The American Legion National Emergency Fund should call 1-800-253-7000, donate online at www.legion.org/emergency/help or mail checks to The American Legion NEF, PO Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206.