(D) caption only The Three Bucketeers

Laconia Middle School Student Council hosted the 9th Annual Talent Show on Friday, May 17. Each year the Talent Show has a variety of performances. This year was no exception. Third place winners, Anjana & Champa (HS - J) Dulal, Natashia Guzman, Enjoying a bit on international flair danced the night away. In second place, The Bucketeers, Quincy Morris, John Morales, James McDonald, (shown above) jammed on recycled containers and drummed their way into the hearts of the crowd. And the winner of the event was Amanda Brunt, singing "Stay". The song selection title matched many of the audiences' pleas after it was announced that the Master of Ceremonies, "Yetta", would be leaving and that Rebecca Sims, the founder of the annual event, would be stepping down from Student Council. (Courtesy photo)