Victorian Era's 'Morbid Taste for Mourning' program Friday in Belmont (179)

BELMONT — The Belmont Historical Society will host local Sanbornton historians Linda Salatiello and Evelyn Auger Friday, May 17 at 7 p.m. at the Belmont Mill as they present an informative and entertaining program on Victorian mourning practices and symbolism.
The presenters will "add to the flavor" of the topic as they conduct their presentation attired in period-appropriate Victorian and Edwardian "widow's weeds."
The presentation will examine the origins of Victorian mourning, discussing Queen Victoria's roll as the archetypal Victorian mourner and grieving widow, par excellence. Linda and Evelyn will also explain the origins and rituals of mourning including the significance and symbolism of attire, prints, jewelry, correspondence and burial practices associated with the mourning process. Many of the practices are still with us today.
Enhancing the presentation will be a show and tell display of Victorian mourning items including pictures, attire, remembrance photos, mourning jewelry and a child's casket.
The program is free and open to the public and surrounding communities. Handicapped parking and an elevator are available.
For more information contact either Christine Fogg at 524-8268 or Wallace Rhodes at 267-6272.