Belknap County Conservative Republicans plan Family Fun Day at Funspot (250)

LACONIA — Belknap County Conservative Republicans will hold a "Family Fun Day", on May 18, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Funspot Family Entertainment Center.
The BCCR is a new political group which bills itself as a political grassroots organization dedicated to offering conservative solutions for contemporary issues.
"We believe that progressivism, in all of its forms, has corrupted the American political process", says Don Walker, one of the founders of BCCR. "We know conservatism is a proven political approach which can solve the critical issues facing Americans today. We need to work together and bring conservatism to the table and begin the discussion of truly solving the challenges we face as a community and a country", says Walker.
Jane Cormier, House Representative of District 8 (Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton) is also co-founder of BCCR. "I believe it is time to take a stand against the progressive direction of our government. Our republic is under assault from within. We need to promote small government and personal liberty, and we hope citizens who support integrity in government will check out our efforts", says Rep. Cormier. "We want people to know there are things you can do. We want to begin by bringing conservative solutions to our local communities and then work from there", says Cormier.
The Family Fun Day will offer everything "American" including hotdogs, apple pie, entertainment, raffles, fun activities for the kids, as well as information for all who attend. This event is free to the public.
For more information, contact, Don Walker (603) 435-0277 or Rep. Jane Cormier (603) 781-5695.