(A) Moultonborough 3rd Annual Clean-Up & Green-Up Day Saturday (234)

MOULTONBOROUGH — The 3rd annual Town clean-up will kick off at 9 a.m. from the Playground Facility on Playground Drive and from States Landing Beach on States Landing Road on Saturday, May 11.
It runs through 12 noon. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join in on tasks ranging from raking, litter collection, flower bed weeding, and a mulching of shrub beds to the collection of wind blow sticks and tree limb.
From these two staging areas roadways and Long Island beach are also addressed as location jobs and clean up areas assigned. Those doing the roadway clean-up they are given blue litter collection bags which, when filled, are left on the roadside for town pick-up on Monday.
For those who want to conduct a neighborhood pick-up with their neighbors or adopt a roadwaymfor the course of the year, the blue litter bags will be available on Saturday at the two staging areas and after that through arrangement with the DPW Offices during normal business hours by calling 253-7445. These bags will then be accepted at the DPW Garage and Transfer
Station for disposal during normal business hours.

The event is being labeled as BYOT; Bring Your Own Tools of shovels and rakes, work clothes
and gloves, street brooms, and the like. The Town will assist by supplying trash bags, a truck to
collect the debris, and some support to help it all stay on track.