'Banjos, Bones and Ballads' with Jeff Warner at Gilford Library May 14 - 220

GILFORD — "Old, traditional songs are as close as you can get to a community of another time," said musician and music historian Jeff Warner, who will be at the Gilford Public Library on Tuesday, May 14,  from 6:30-7:30 p.m. for "Banjos, Bones, and Ballads"
The son of legendary folk music historians Anne and Frank Warner, Jeff Warner grew up immersed in the old, traditional songs of our country, and he now spends his time bringing these songs to life in the US, Canada, and the UK. Though he plays and loves the songs of Appalachia,he says he has developed a particular affinity for the sailor songs of Boston and Portsmouth, and
the logging songs from the Northeast's logging camps.
"There aren't as many people preserving those old songs, their old style. I want people to hear them as they were sung," he said.
As for the 'bones', "they really are bones." Warner said that no one knows how they started as music, "but you can just imagine ... if you're a kid in 1790, and you live on a farm, and you want to play music, bones is what you have." Warner's bones are made of shards from a cow's leg, and they're about eight inches long. "You use two, you hold them in one hand and rattle them together, it looks fascinating and it sounds lovely," he said.