Science Center Giving Program on Ospreys 217 w/2X Osprey

HOLDERNESS — The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is holding presentations about ospreys in general and its very own osprey, Art, in particular.
o offering a very special opportunity to hear the whole story of Art the Osprey. Iain MacLeod, the center's executive director, will tell the whole story of Art the Osprey and will also talk about Project OspreyTrack this Saturday at 1 p.m. Other presentations have been scheduled for Saturday, May 25, and June 8 and 29, also at 1 p.m.
Tracking Ospreys from New England to South America using GPS devices is revealing amazing new information about their survival, migration strategies, and the hazards they face along the way.
Art the Osprey nests in Bridgewater, and winters 5,000 miles away in Brazil. MacLeod will explain about the birds tagged this year and how people can follow them on a home computer.
This program is included as part of paid trail admission.
More details about trail admission and hours at or call 603-968-7194.

Photo caption

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Executive Director Iain MacLeod holds Art the Osprey who will be the focus of talks about the migratory birds of prey the Science Center is offering between now and the end of June. (Courtesy Photo)