Gardener to Show How to Make Floral Mother's Day Gifts 232

MEREDITH — Long-time gardener and landscaper Sue Dail will give pointers on making container gardens as presents for Mother's Day on Saturday at Moulton Farm.
Dail, a member of the Moulton Farm staff, will demonstrate how to plant the container and explain to the adults how to keep the plants growing. The demonstrations will be given from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. A fee will be charged for those taking part in the Made for Mom event. No advance registration is necessary.
Dail's love of plants started when she was a young girl of 4.
"I started learning about plants just by following my grandfather around," she remembers. "He was what I guess you'd call a Yankee gardener. I'd help him pick rocks out of beds, plant seeds and dig in the soil to put plants in. To me it was just having fun, but I was learning without knowing it." Those early lessons turned into a career for Dail. Eventually she would start a landscape business and spent 11 years working in a garden center before joining the Moulton Farm staff eight years ago.
Now she puts her experience into starting and caring for plants in the farm's many greenhouses and helping customers choose plants for gardens and containers.
Moulton Farm is located at 18 Quarry Road off Route 25.
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