Moultonborough Expands Access to Assessing Information - 302

MOULTONBOROUGH — The Town of Moultonborough has upgraded its web offerings and people may now view and print out the full version of their property record card(s) on-line. Up until this time they could only see a condensed version offering a limited set of information.
On-line viewers may now see and print the property record card in its entirety just as when they previously went to Town Hall to obtain it. The information may now be accessed at the Town web site of by clicking on the button titled Tax & GIS maps.
Joel Mudgett, chairman of the Moultonborough SelectBoard said. "We believe this is one more important step in providing our residents, taxpayers and customers ready access to the most often sought public records. This will also help the many real estate professionals to obtain needed documents at their convenience right in their own offices thus letting them spend their time ontheir many other work tasks."
 Mudgett noted that in addition to the convenience for users the new service had the added benefit of reducing expenses by some $3,000 a year.
The new service still suppresses the property information of those who requested it not be available on-line and the town will continue to honor new requests of this nature. Such requests need to be addressed to the Office of the Assessor and be signed by all of the owners of record.
However, those persons are reminded that all such information is public, under RSA 91-A, should anyone request it. With this new service the practice of giving an owner their property record card for free has ended. Should they not choose to print them off over the internet, the information is still available at Town Hall at the normal printing cost of $1 per card (some
properties may have more than one card).