D: Cupcake fundraiser for Concord Hospital

TILTON — Lakes Region Cupcakes baked over 1000 delicious cupcakes for Concord Hospital employees to enjoy, with a portion of the proceeds going towards Concord Hospital's Family Services Center. This event in the past has involved other cupcake bakers throughout NH baking an assortment of delicious flavors, but this is the first time this volume of cupcakes has been made.
“After hearing the other bakers had made an average of 600 cupcakes for the event and sold out in a few hours, we had to do better than that,” said owner Stephanie McKim. With the sale going on in a conference room at the hospital from 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.  there was plenty of time to distribute a larger volume of cupcakes with the different shifts of employees coming and going through out the day.
With only a few cupcakes left by the end of the day Lakes Region Cupcakes was able to raise over $700 for the hospital's Family Services center. “We try to work really hard at giving back to the community because it's our community that supports us as a small business.” said McKim.
Lakes Region Cupcake's employees worked for two days prepping, baking, frosting and decorating a variety of eight different flavors for the event to ensure all hospital employees had an opportunity to purchase cupcakes. “We were running out of room in our shop to put all the cupcakes, the shop was overflowing. The tricky part was getting all the cupcakes to the hospital since we had never done an event this big, so a lot of planning and prepping had to go into this event, from ordering the right amount of supplies, preparing the right amount of frostings, to putting together enough boxes to fill everyone's order at the hospital. It was definitely a lot of work but we are very thankful Concord Hospital chose us to take part in raising money for their center.” said owner Shelli Shumway.