Lakes Region Singer-Songwriter Releases New Music CD ,'Berkanan'

MEREDITH — Often writing his music among the birches along the shores of Winnisquam and Winnipesaukee, local performer Kyle Nickerson is releasing a new CD of original music, Berkanan.
Asked about the title, the singer-songwriter said, "I was looking into the roots of the word "birch" and found this old Scandinavian variant. Berkanan has several interesting meanings, so I decided it was the right name for this particular collection of songs."
Nickerson gave credit to his surroundings for inspiring work on this album. "The lakes, the trees... yes,
I've often felt while Mother Nature was inspiring lyrics" he said with a smile, "she was also watching over my shoulder to make sure I captured things correctly."
The CD cover and track titles (song names such as Late October, This View, Shroud of Summer) suggest
many of the songs on Berkanan are set in the region. Yet Nickerson said these songs are not about
nature, rather, they are songs of human nature. "Like many songwriters, I suppose, I draw from my
experiences and feelings. But I take great liberty to creatively tell the story. I try to employ the beauty of the language to make it interesting to me, and hopefully to others."
Berkanan is the singer's second original solo album, having recorded Back to the Lake in 2008. He also
sang and played guitar on 2010's CD Tune it Up, with the band Routes '56.
Nickerson learned to sing, read, and play music growing up in the Lakes Region, and performs routinely
in the area. Most recently, he is a regular entertainer at Mame's in Meredith. "I love to perform at
Mame's," he said, "and the people there are wonderful." He noted it's no coincidence one of his favorite
songs on the new CD is "a jazzy little number titled 'Mame's on Saturday Night'." The CD release event
for Berkanan will be at Mame's in Meredith tonight.
For more information about his music and performance schedule, Kyle Nickerson maintains a Web site


Kyle Nickerson (Courtesy photo)