DRA Says Low and Moderate Income Homeowners can qualify for property tax relief

CONCORD — New Hampshire low and moderate income homeowners may receive State Education Property Tax relief by applying for such relief during the filing period after May 1, but no later than June 30.
The Low & Moderate Income Homeowner's Property Tax Relief provisions were designed to lessen the economic burden of the State Education Property Tax on certain at-risk taxpayers.New Hampshire residents who own a homestead subject to the State Education Property Tax, resided in the homestead as of April 1, 2012, and have a total household income of $20,000 or less if a single person (or $40,000 or less if married or head of household) may apply for property tax relief during the filing period.
In 2012, $2.3 million of property tax relief was distributed to claim applicants. Over 11,600
claims were submitted, resulting in an average $197.62 of State Education Property Tax Relief
per household. Starting on April 29, 2013, application forms (Form DP-8) will be available on
the NH Department of Revenue Administration's web site at: www.revenue.nh.gov.
Completed claim forms must be accompanied by a copy of the 2012 final tax bill from the municipality where the applicant resides along with a copy of the applicant's 2012 federal income tax return (1040-EZ, 1040A, etc).