Temple B'nai Israel Shares Seder with Christian community

LACONIA — Temple B'nai Israel had the opportunity to share a Passover Seder with members of the Christian community on Thursday, March 28.
Rabbi Hannah was invited to conduct a Seder at Saint James Episcopal Church which was also attended by members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Trinity Episcopal Church in Meredith.
For many of the 80 plus people who attended, it was the first time they had ever experienced a Seder. It was also the first time most had been exposed to the Passover traditions and related story.As she went through the Haggadah, Rabbi Hannah explained beautifully, not only the prayers, but the traditions of Passover. She took everyone on a tour around the Seder plate explaining everything from the shankbone to the bitter herbs. In addition, she was able to relate the time in Egypt and the issues of slavery from the past to present, by digging into the concept of freedom and how being free and being enslaved affects us all.
As with any Seder, hours of preparation went into creating the meal itself and many are to be thanked for their contributions, including Irene Gordon. Her cooking was exceptional and did not go unnoticed. Her ability to pull together a staff to assist with the final food preparation, serving and busing the entire meal was greatly appreciated by all who attended.
As temple members served the meal, they received many positive comments relating to how wonderful
it was to see this side of Judaism and better understand the Passover tradition.