Build-A-Bunny event - 154

MEREDITH — The Annalee Company Store on Route 104 held its first Build-A-Bunny event on March 23. It was a festive, springtime atmosphere with egg-coloring, pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny and refreshments. Visitors selected a bunny, clothing, accessories and then visited one of Annalee's talented designers for a one-on-one assembly session.  More than 80 bunnies were made throughout the day and no two were alike!
Retail Director and event coordinator, Betsey Pelletier, said this event as well as the Build-an-Elf event before Christmas were great successes. "We love to interact with the community and build relationships as well as dolls! It's something we hope to continue to's a great tradition for local families to do together."
Two of the earliest customers were sisters, Emma and Mabry Neill, accompanied by their mother Beth. "We liked being able to dress them how we wanted," said Emma.

CAPTION — Emma and Mabry pose with their bunny and Leslie, an Annalee Designer extraordinaire. (Courtesy photo)