Wolfeboro Judge's First Book, 'Do Unto Others' Wins Praise

WOLFEBORO — Robert Varney, long-time Wolfeboro resident, whose "day job" is as a Third Circuit Court judge, was the featured speaker at the Wolfeboro Public Library on Thursday, April 18, where he  showcased his recently published first novel, "Do Unto Others."
Varney, 67, was until recently a practicing lawyer with the Walker & Varney law firm and says that his four decades of experience as a lawyer and judge have left him with "enough stories for a dozen books."
While "Do Unto Others" is a mystery with many of the features of a police procedural story, the book also explores questions of class and privilege, looking at the way the intersection of different societal classes plays a large part in the life of resort communities here in the Lakes Region. Kirkus Reviews recently praised the book's "richness of character and dialogue," while noting "The most striking success is thecreation of (main character) Harry Warren, a flawed man who is neither as flawed nor as stealthy as he thinks."
Writing daily on a 1936 model Underwood typewriter, Varney is currently at work on his second novel, which he says is proceeding more quickly than the first. He describes fiction writing as "exhilarating and frightening at the same time."
Varney says that one of his most satisfying moments as an author came recently when he was at Wolfeboro Library. Picking up one of the library's copies of his book, he noticed how many times it had been checked out and that it was beginning to look "used." He thought of the number of different people "who had held this book, my book, and read it. It doesn't get any better than that."