Lions Club holding Electronic Waste Collection Day Saturday in Lowe's Parking Lot

GILFORD — The Lacinia-Gilford Lions Club will be holding an Electronic Waste Collection Day on Saturday, April 20 in the Lowe's Parking Lot from 9 a.m.–  p.m.
Got an old computer collecting dust in the closet, or a broken refrigerator sitting on the back porch? What do you do with these items when you replace them?
Everything from laptops and phones, to home appliances and TVs cost you a fortune to haul away.
Turn that junk over to the Laconia-Gilford Lions Club during their Electronic Waste Collection Day (EWCD) and, for a small disposal fee, not only will they take it off your hands, they will recycle your old electronic items. The small fee charged is less than the local transfer station's prices. Cash or checks will be accepted but not debit or credit cards.
EWCD is a fundraising event for the Laconia-Gilford Lions Club, and the money they raise will go towards funding the many local charities and local youth activities they support in the area.
If you bring your electronics to Lowe's Parking Lot, 1407 Lakeshore Road in
Following is a list of items you may want to drop off: computer monitors, laptops, CPUs, Servers, CD/DVD players, camcorders, AV equipment,VCRs, speakers, mice or keyboards, copiers, faxes, scanners, printers, phones (land and cell), phone systems, UPS systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, cords, cables and
computer accessories.
In addition, they will also take microwaves, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, gas or electric stoves, dishwashers, dumb terminals, and TVs. Anything with a cord not listed will also be accepted.
You cannot drop off: oils, paints, thinners, batteries, tires, items containing mercury such as fluorescent and CFL light bulbs or thermometers, capacitors, ballasts, or any other hazardous waste.

Laconia-Gilford Lions Club members Marylin Brown, Bill Chandler, Lori Chandler, Chris Guilmett, Kema Brown, Allyn Bridge, Lois Smith, and Eileen Morey working at last fall's Electronic Waste Collection Day. (Courtesy photo)