Plymouth Regional High School advances in Granite State Challenge - 172

DURHAM — Plymouth Regional High School topped John Stark High School by a score of 310 - 110 in the first round match of the 2013 Granite State Challenge.
The first few rounds were competitive, with challenging video questions posed by Willem Lange regarding Costa Rican politics and history. Plymouth's lead gradually increased with two successful opportunities for 15-point bonus rounds that were straight off the farm. John Stark faced a challenging 60-second round with a crop of tough questions about New Hampshire literature, and Plymouth plowed ahead to plant a victory.
The Plymouth Bobcats were represented by captain Kate Brownstein, Jordan Brownstein, Jade McLaughlin, and Aaron Scheinman, and led by coach Jay Fogarty. John Stark's Generals were represented by captain Zack Grattan, Marina Rioux, Henry Johnstone, Keith Galli, and were coached by Jill Pinard and Phil Matzke.
If you missed the match live on NHPTV, you can still watch the match from their website: Plymouth now advances to the second round of GSC; this match and all GSC matches are available online to watch anytime.