Talk to Explore Moultonborough's Founding 221

MOULTONBOROUGH — A member of the Moultonborough Historical Society will give a talk Monday evening about the founding of the town 250 years ago.
Bruce Garry will present the results of his research into the Town Charter and the history of the time when the town was established. The talk will take place at the public library meeting room at 7 p.m.
Refreshments will be served following the program.
The charter was granted on Nov. 17, 1763, to Jonathan Moulton and others, "for the due encouragement and settling of the country."
Like many towns in the Lakes Region, Moultonborough was settled following the conclusion of the French and Indian War, when it became safe to settle away from the larger towns along the seacoast. The property of six square miles which is now the town
of Moultonborough was granted to Moulton and other real estate investors, all residents of Hampton, who met at Stoodley's Tavern in Portsmouth to hammer out the agreement known as the town charter. The grantees had to ensure that at
least 20 families settled in the new town within one year, and as in other towns, the grantees reserved a number of lots to themselves, to sell when the town became developed and the land was more valuable.
The full text of the charter is available on the historical society website at