Local Churches Combine Resources to go on Mission to Aid Displaced Haitians

SANBORNTON — Locally, Sanbornton's First and Second Baptist along with some members of Northwood
Congregational, Grace Capitol, Bedford Four Square and New England Pentacostal churches have been working together since September in preparation to go on mission in Dominican Republic.
The team will be serving the Haitian families who have been dislocated from their motherland by their
government for the purpose of harvesting sugar cane from the fields of LaRomana. These folks are not considered of any standing by the Dominican government and are no longer considered Haitian citizens by the Haitian government. They are modern day slaves with no homeland.
The Haitians live in "Shack" communities known as Bateyes where there is no clean water to drink or to cook with and no sewage disposal.
The services provided by this effort include food and clothing distribution, installation and maintenance of home (shack) water filtration systems to remove bacteria from the water they drink and construction of the local Good Samaritan Hospital. Ground breaking for this hospital began in 1991 having completed the second floor in 2008 and continuing construction on the third floor at present.
In addition to these services qualified members of the team will be participating in health, dental and eyeglass clinics. There will also be opportunities to spend time with Haitian families and the children of local orphanages.
There are 21 men, women and youth on the team, which departs on April 19 and returns on April 27. The trip is administered by and coordinated through Good Samaritan Mission Council based in Holden Ma.