Passover Seder at Temple B'nai Israel on March 26

LACONIA — Temple B'nai Israel continues its tradition of holding a second night community Passover Seder on Tuesday, March 26 at 5 p.m. Congregants welcome community and friends who wish to participate in the traditional rituals of remembrance and celebration of the Exodus from Egypt thousands of years ago.
The eight day period of Passover traditionally begins with the removal of chametz (leavened foods including bread) from every Jewish household. During Pesach (Passover) only unleavened bread and foods are eaten. The rituals of the Seder meal on the first two nights of Passover follow the story of the Exodus told through the ritual of four cups of wine (grape juice when required) and the symbolic Seder plate contents.
The Passover story is followed by a sumptuous meal of Matzo ball soup, gefilte fish mold with homemade horseradish, chicken with apricot sauce, potato knishes, assorted vegetables and a potpourri of luscious desserts. The cost is $20 per adult, $10 for children under twelve. Joyous song concludes the evening's festivities.
Rabbi Hannah Orden will conduct the Seder. Irene Gordon is master chef of the evening and will accept reservations at 267-1935. Temple B'nai Israel is located at 210 Court Street in Laconia.