D: (4x called Lakes Business Park) New solar lighted park entrance board

GILFORD — The Board of Directors for the Lakes Business Park on Hounsell Avenue announced the completion of a unique solar lighting project installed by Sealite USA.
This project was the result of a year-long study into lighting alternatives with a goal of illuminating the entrance sign in the most economical manner. Board member Tony Ferruolo of Gilford served as the project manage. “We wanted the public to notice the sign in the evening hours without being overwhelmed. Sealite USA submitted a comprehensive proposal that avoided digging a trench through the pavement and also eliminated the need to pay monthly electric bills, while making sure the lighting would shine throughout the short days of winter.”
The Lakes Business Park is a joint venture between the City of Laconia and the Town of Gilford where lots are currently available for commercial development in a rural park environment for manufacturing, light industry, and professional offices. The Board of Directors consists of six members, with three being from Gilford, Tony Ferruolo, Rodney Dyer, and Leo Sanfacon; and three representatives from Laconia, Councilor Henry Lipman, Councilor Brenda Baer and Mayor Michael Seymour, who serves as Chairman. Laconia City Manager Scott Meyers and Gilford Town Administrator Scott Dunn serve as staffing advisors to the Board along with Carmen Lorentz of the Belknap County Economic Development Corporation.
Sealite USA is located at 172 Lily Pond Road in Gilford and is an international leader in the manufacturing and installation of high intensity, solar powered, LED lighting.The company President Mark Goodwin was appreciative of the opportunity to develop a proposal for this project and noted “our company was well-suited to provide a solution to the Lakes Business Park lighting needs because of our vast experience in world-wide situations that require low maintenance, bright lights with a low tolerance for failure.
It’s refreshing to actually work on a project like this in our corporate hometown, and we look forward to being able to see the results of our labor on a daily basis, knowing that these lights should last for many years and contribute to making the planet just a little bit greener."
CAPTION — (Left to right) Mark Goodwin - President of Sealite USA, Scott Dunn– Gilford Town Administrator, and Tony Ferruolo – Lakes Business Park Board of Directors