The Inn at Golden View passes inspection with flying colors

MEREDITH — The Inn at Golden View, an Assisted Living Facility received high marks again from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human services. Administrator of The Inn, Heidi Murray states, "The Inn is proud to announce that our annual inspection, conducted by the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, met 100% of the standards again. Once annually the facility undergoes an unannounced inspection to assure we are following the regulations that govern supported residential care facilities; the evaluation coverers all aspects of the facilities operations." At the conclusion of the Department's review, Administrator Heidi
Murray was thrilled to announce to staff, the residents and their families that the facility had received a deficiency free survey.
In additional, The Inn received commendation for exceeding expectations in several areas such as resident care and high quality staff. Murray states, "The licensing inspector spoke directly to one of the LNA's and commented on her caring presence." The intensive evaluation included reviewing facility day-to-day operations, quality of care provided to residents, staff qualification, and facilities record keeping adherence to all state and federal mandates. "In all instances, we met or exceeded standards," Murry concludes.
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