Generous donations make Franklin Park project possible

FRANLIN — The Odell Park Centennial Project completes planned improvements to Odell, Daniell and Stone Parks in Franklin. New playground equipment in Odell and Daniell Parks have been completed, along with a refurbished basketball court in Odell Park and a completely new court in Daniell Park.
In the past five years, the OPCP and the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department have worked together to benefit the city’s public parks, restoring and improving their glory. The Centennial organization has raised donations totaling over $330,000 and a group of over 100 volunteers that has contributed over $120,000 of in kind donations. Combined the OPCP has reached the final stretch of improvement goals.
Thanks to the $10,000 donations from Watts Water Techonolgies and the Horne Family Foundation, the same additions are now planned for Stone Park. Additionally, the scenic half-mile river walk trail, ornamental fencing, fishing pier, gazebo, commemorative brick walkway, 4 exercise stations, and new concession stand call home to Odell Park. Trees, bushes and security cameras have been added and the riverbank has been cleared.
For more information on the Odell Park Centennial Project or the donations, contact Michael H. Mullavey at 934-2539.

CAPTION: Michael H. Mullavey of the Odell Park Centennial Project (left) accepts checks from Michael L. Mullavey of Watts Water Technologies.