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LACONIA — Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) is an honorary international society that recognizes accomplished women teachers around the world. Theta Chapter, located in the Laconia/Meredith/ Gilford area, has 42 members of all ages. Recently the chapter honored Pat Bolduc, Nancy Gibbons, and Karen Sullivan for their dedication, support, and long-term membership.
In addition, the Theta Chapter has announced that Brenda Walker of Belmont will be installed as president in September, and Pamela Clark of Laconia and Marilyn Coffin of Lakeport will also be installed as vice presidents. Ann Hart of Gilford will serve as recoding secretary, Rebecca Frame of Bristol will serve as corresponding secretary, and Gerna Magnusson of Gilford will serve as treasurer.
The chapter earns money through yard sales and raffles for scholarships to teachers, area students, and for the African schools campaign. The members also visit the Belknap County Home monthly. In addition, the chapter offers the following programs, which are open to area women teachers who would like to know more about Delta Kappa Gamma or about Theta’s individual programs. Register for any program through Pamela Clark at (603) 528-8028.
CAPTION — Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International honors three members for their years of service and membership: (L to R) Pat Bolduc and Nancy Gibbons of Laconia for their 25 years and Karen Sullivan of Gilford for her 30 years. (Courtesy photo)