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Community Benefits with MB Tractor and GMI Asphalt

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GILFORD — Ninety-one percent of small business owners have contributed to their community in the last year through volunteering, in-kind contributions, and /or direct cash donations. MB Tractor and GMI Asphalt have made a giant step into this group with their monetary donation as well as equipment donation to construct the Gilford School PTA playground project, the Imagination Station.

MB Tractor and Equipment and GMI will be donating $15,000 along with the equipment needed to build the playground. The Bourgeois family of MB Tractor and Equipment donated $10,000 plus equipment and labor, and the Colby and Bourgeois family of GMI Asphalt donated $5,000.

The first post hole was dug on Wednesday, July 15.

Katie Bryant, a fourth-grade teacher who has been instrumental in joining all the businesses together to bring the Imagination Station to the Gilford Elementary School, explained how the combined effort with MB Tractor and GMI Asphalt for the new playground came about.

"As part of our district's Strategic Plan was to replace our playground in 2015, a committee was formed of staff, parents, school board members, and community members. We have worked since September (2014) on this process," said Bryant.

"The committee," she continued, "reviewed several proposals from playground vendors and we chose Landscape Structures as our company. Their proposal included customization and a nature-inspired theme, both of which were high priorities or our committee."

MB Tractor and GMI Asphalt have set the bar for business-community working together. Creating a better business climate and making the community a better place to live are important reasons to contribute to Imagination Station. There is something exciting about watching the business community working together to turn a dream into a new playground. MB Tractor and GMI Asphalt are an integral part of this community effort to advance the health and well-being of the SAU 73 community.