LRGH providers cited for excellent diabetes care

LACONIA — The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has recognized 17 providers from LRGHealthcare for providing exceptional care to their patients with diabetes.

The NCQA's Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP) was formed to provide clinicians with tools to support the delivery and recognition of high quality care. It's a voluntary program that's designed to recognize clinicians who use evidence based measures to provide excellent care to their patients with diabetes. A provider's participation in the program shows how much they value providing quality healthcare and following the latest clinical protocols to ensure their patients receive the best care at the right time. .

The DRP program has 11 measures on which they score the providers. Measures include, but are not limited to Hgb A1C control, blood pressure control, LDL control, eye exams, foot exams, smoking and tobacco use, and kidney disease. If a provider attains the necessary score, they are then recognized by the DRP program for their skill in providing the highest level of diabetes care.

Dr. Ted Capron comments, "I think the most important aspect of the DPRP recognition is that it shows practitioners have consistently attended to a broad range of measurements over a long time"

LRGHealthcare is proud to currently have 17 providers recognized by the NCQA's Diabetes Recognition Program. The following providers have been recognized for outstanding diabetes care: Dr. Barry Chapin, Dr. Melissa Hanrahan, Dr. Ted Capron, Dr. Carolyn Crosby, Colleen Nolan, APRN, Dr. Diane Kistler, Jodi Goodrich, APRN, Dr. Peter Doane, Denise Naiva, APRN, Dr. James Clifford, Dr. Paul Friend, Dr. Mary Dacuycuy, Rebecca Rose, PA-C, Dr. Adora Maharaj, Dr. Lawrence Rush, Dr. Susan Bayer, and  Richard Young, APRN.

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