Tri-County CAP negoitating with providers on transportation plans

OSSIPEE — The changes in the state Medicaid providers have affected many people. Tri-County CAP passengers in Coos, Carroll, and Grafton counties have been informed that the agency is currently in negotiations with the provider for NH Healthy Families and Meridian Health Plan to continue to provide Tri-County CAP passengers with Medicaid with the ability to continue to ride with them.

Tri-County CAP is also in the process of beginning negotiations with the provider of the Well Sense Health Plan. The new process for obtaining transportation services is to call your plan provider to set up the provider for all your transportation needs. If Tri-County Cap (North Country Transit, Blue Loon Transit) has been your provider, you can request through your health plan provider for Tri-County Cap transportation services to continue to provide for your transportation needs. Passengers who have opted out for a year, or who have a regular spend down, and are still on the Regular Medicaid transportation, can continue to follow their normal process of scheduling a trip directly with Tri-County Cap Transit.