International Film The Sapphires Monday October 7

LACONIA — The Laconia Human Relations Committee in cooperation with the Laconia Public Library presents The Sapphires, Monday, October 7 at 6:30 p.m.

This is another in the International Film Series shown monthly at the Laconia Public Library.
In 1968 Australia, three sisters from an Aboriginal community head into town to try-out as a pop singing group in a talent contest. A cousin, who is able 'to pass', lives in 'the city'. She is persuaded to join them as a fourth. Because of their youthful age and because one is a mother, leaving is not easy. They have been singing for many years for their own community and now want to see if they can go beyond in wider Australian society. The young women are the only Aboriginal people performing at the contest. Though being by far the best, the prejudice of being Aboriginal means they do not win. However, the attention of an ebullient, Irish talent-scout, who is also a heavy drinker, has been drawn to them. He offers to work with them, molding and broadening them into a popular pop-singing group.
One of the girls finds out that singers are needed to entertain the troops in Vietnam, particularly black G.I.'s who miss their soul music. Their talent scout helps them to audition in Melbourne and subsequently switch to soul. Their tour in Vietnam carries its own adventure as now top-notch performers. Though The Sapphires are a success with the American G.I.'s, they are caught in the cross-fire of war, romantic liaisons, and the day-to-day stresses of working together.
This film is loosely based on the all-female Australian aboriginal singing group named The Sapphires in the 1960s. They performed at hotels, pubs, cabarets, clubs, parties, army barracks and universities around Melbourne. They were invited to Vietnam to perform for the troops in the late 1960's. This 2012 film was released in the U.S. in March of 2013 with limited showings.
The Laconia International Film Series is open free to everyone. Brief informal discussion follows the film. Light snacks are provided. 

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