082313GIlfordHistoricalOldHomeDay (186)

GILFORD — In conjunction with Gilford Old Home Day, Gilford's three historical buildings, the 1838 Rowe farmhouse, the 1834 Meetinghouse and the 1837 Grange, will be open for tours Saturday, August 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The 1838 Rowe farmhouse at 88 Belknap Mountain Road will feature various artifacts such an icebox, glass milk bottles, three Rumford fireplaces, and the furnishings and other familiar items. The herb garden has been revitalized and the perennial gardens made more attractive. The Historical Society thanks all the Opechee Garden Club members and volunteers for dedicating their time and talent to the Rowe House Gardens.

At the 1834 Meetinghouse, located at 24 Belknap Mountain Road across from the entrance to the Village Field, chairs can be rented for $1. The area provides an ideal spot to watch the parade. Inside there are various areas with interesting artifacts from the town's history.

At the 1857 Grange, located on 8 Belknap Mountain Road at the beginning of the parade route, the Homestead Room, Grange Kitchen, and Village Store will be open for tours. New this year, there is a special showing of a Victorian Mourning dress that was donated by Molly and Bill Connelly.