Talk in Gilmanton gives overview on honeybees

GILMANTON — The public is invited on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 6 p.m. at the Gilmanton Year-Round Library for a presentation by Heather Achilles of the New Hampshire Beekeepers Association.

This interactive talk will give an overview of honeybees including: the different "jobs" they have, how they collect nectar and pollen and the challenges they face from mites and a decline of food sources. Achilles will also discuss how beekeepers extract honey and how gardeners can help the honeybees. Achilles began beekeeping in Gilmanton seven years ago as a way to improve pollination of her gardens and fruit trees. She is treasurer of the New Hampshire Beekeepers Association, and an active member of both the Capital Area and Winnipesaukee Beekeepers association, where she teaches classes at both group's bee schools.